Why #FireDiDio Won’t Work [Censored]

#FireDiDio is one of the hot items on Twitter these days. The ever-growing outrage at DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio continues to rage online after the [Censored] hit the fan over the Batwoman marriage not happening in the pages of her title. Will #FireDiDio work? I really don’t think so.

This content is censored.

This content is censored.

What’s Going On?

The bowl of [Censored] we were handed with Trinity War, the Villain Month allocation, the lacking storyline strength of the Villain Month titles, the exodus of creators from DC Comics, the loss of the marriage in Batwoman, and the asinine reasoning for DC Comics superheroes not getting married has opened the floodgates of fans who would love to see Dan DiDio lose his job (or at the very least theat he [Censored] [Censored]). I can tell you right now that #FireDiDio ain’t gonna work.

This Ain’t New

The “Fire DiDio” movement has been growing since about 2008. Whenever he commits some form of jackassery, the old fires are stoked again. Sure, #FireDiDio might be something from the last few days, but the flames are from a fire which started long ago and has been stoked many times over.

Why Won’t #FireDiDio Work?

For #FireDiDio to work, someone at the DC Comics offices would have to be listening to the masses. When the crowds got up in arms about the Villain Month allocation, DC Comics didn’t do [Censored]. Sure, you can say that they released the 2D covers, but I am 100% sure those were planned before. On top of that, they did not give retailers much time (only a handful of days) to prepare their corrected orders. #FireDiDio is just going to fall on deaf [Censored] ears.

When people complained to DC Comics about the Batwoman marriage changes, what did DC Comics do? They came up with a lame excuse about superheroes not being able to be married because of sacrifices. I guess Marvel superheroes are more rounded since many of them have been married over the years and still saved the [Censored] day. The cream came when Dan DiDio delivered the hacked-up message about marriage and then declared he would not change the storyline HE wanted no matter what WE wanted. Let us all take a moment to bow in [Censored] homage.

DC Comics Doesn’t Care

DC Comics could not care less about what the readers and collectors want. They just want to tell the story they want to tell. Instead of typing #FireDiDio, maybe we should be typing #FireDCComics. If they are going to give a flying [Censored] about what retailers, readers, and collectors want, maybe it is time for us to stop giving a flying [Censored] about them. #FireDiDio is not going to work because DC Comics is blind to the mistakes it is making. DC Comics is blind and it is deaf. We just need to hit them in the pocketbook to make them finally wake the [Censored] up.

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