Less of Age of Ultron #10 Coming Than Ordered

Our Detroit comic shop has been notified that we will not be receiving as many Age of Ultron #10 issues as we initially ordered. Diamond has reduced our order of Age of Ultron #10 by 13 percent. Luckily, our orders for variants have not been impacted.

Age of Ultron #10

Age of Ultron #10

Why is this Happening?

Chances are good that there were more orders for Age of Ultron #10 than Marvel was expecting. While I have not heard conformation, I would believe that other store’s orders will be impacted by this allocation as well.

Importance of Age of Ultron #10

If you have forgotten, or if you have not been following the Age of Ultron story, Age of Ultron #10 wraps up the story which has been building for a few months and will introduce Angela (from Spawn) to the Marvel Universe. We have already been told that she will become a major player in the universe, so there are many collectors which will want to get their hands on the issue. Marvel is trying to keep the story so secret that they have taken the step of polybagging each issue to keep the readers in suspense to the last possible moment.

What does this Mean for Me?

Well, if you are planning on getting Age of Ultron #10, you had better make sure you come to our Detroit area comic shop as early as you can. Apparently, supply is not on par with the demand so there is a good chance this crucial issue in the Marvel NOW continuity is going to go fast. It might mean that those who wait will not have the opportunity to have a first printing of the comic they have been waiting for throughout the first nine issues I the series. Age of Ultron #10 poses to be one of the most critical issues published by Marvel this year. Will you be able to pick one up?

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