DC Entertainment Retailer Roadshow is a Bad Joke

DC Entertainment has sent emails out to retailers about a Retail Roadshow. When I first got wind about this Retailer Roadshow a few days ago, I was hoping the schedule was wrong. Come to find out, the schedule I initially heard is correct that that DC Entertainment is ignoring a large majority of the comic book community.

DC's WTF Certified

DC’s WTF Certified

Where is the DC Entertainment Retail Roadshow Going?

There will be four dates in which retailers can meet with executives from DC Comics and DC Entertainment. They will be in New York City on Monday, June 17, and in Orlando on Thursday, June 20. They will then fly over the entire middle of the country and have a presentation in Burbank, CA on Saturday, June 22. They will travel up to Portland on Monday, June 24. There will not be any stops in any of the middle portions of the country.

Your Argument is Invalid

Someone might make the argument that those of us in the Midwest had the opportunity to speak with the biggies from DC Comics and DC Entertainment during C2E2 in Chicago. That would be correct. That does not mean retailers in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, or Colorado had an opportunity to meet with them. When will they have the opportunity for a meeting with the people at DC Entertainment?

Travel Time

On top of that, if the DC Entertainment Retailers Roadshow is important enough to send emails out to all retailers across the country, why isn’t DC Entertainment/Comics allowing all retailers to have the chance to attend? I would like to attend one of the Retailer Roadshows, but two weeks is not enough time to set travel arrangements. Of course, since the people at DC Comics and DC Entertainment have the Warner Bros. money behind them, travel plans can simply be made by a secretary on a moment’s notice. Not so for the average mom and pop comic shop in the country. Budgets would have to be rearranged and store schedules would have to be reset.

If DC Entertainment is going to give an opportunity to some retailers, it should be fair and give the same opportunity to all retailers. In turn, DC Entertainment should give the readers of all retailers the same opportunity to hear about what is coming up next from the owners of the stores they make their weekly purchases from. What I see is DC Entertainment attempting to force the perception of communication while staying as distant as ever.

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